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Ours is a business of love and family.

Ours is a business of love and family. In 2000 we set out to build a technology company that would cater to micro businesses, entrepreneurs, personal home based business and small business startups.  We started with a simple  approach, “Let us take care of your technology, so
you can take care of your business.”  We believed this would allow small businesses to compete in the ever-growing  and rapidly expanding
business landscape.   Over 20 years later, we still hold onto the truth that we built this business on.Times has changed almost every aspect of human interaction, and technology continues to lead the way forward. At CallTyrone.net, we have trained staff who are dedicated to the idea
that every small business needs an affordable support team to assist them with today’s technology.  As the owner and operator I wake up
everyday committed to the concept of simple, technology solutions to big technology problems.   During the last 20 years we have created a family based business where we treat every customer like family.  So if you are looking for someone to become your personal, “Computer Guy”.




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